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Amalock was set up in 2019 with the simple mission of keeping people and their property safe; using tech that is designed with people in mind. With the Smart Home security market in the UK dominated by big corporations, all offering an anonymous one-size-fits-all service, often requiring multiple apps and a complex set-up they knew they could do better. We were asked to help them in this endeavour and create a new brand in this sector.

Big Data LDN.

The revolution continues

The feeling is like that of a proud parent. Seeing that embryo idea grow from strength to strength into what it is today – the UK’s largest Data and Analytics Event. Seeing your baby beat off the competition to win the ‘Best Trade Show (Under 2000sqm)’ at the EN Awards 2020.

Now in it’s 6th year, having survived 18 months of webinars and virtual events due to the world wide pandemic, we were back with an actual Physical/Hybrid Event. Back to bringing people together to fulfil a mutual purpose. Back to building memorable connections through face-to-face interactions. There really is nothing quite like it.

We’re immensely proud of our part in the creation and development of this brand and the positive effect it has on bringing the data community together.


Bau- & Möbeltischlerei

The carpentry world is a highly competitive environment. Even though you’ve been established for 20 years with a raft of projects and clients under your belt, how do you continue to differentiate yourselves for the next 20? We were asked to help define and create a new identity and positioning that would reflect their philosophy and rejuvenate their brand.

Niesing’s beliefs very much mirrored that of the Bauhaus School. With a desire to reunite creativity and manufacturing whilst embracing craftsmanship in everything they do. Using this as a starting point, a modern, geometric and bold visual language was created, whilst still emphasising the precision, care and attention to detail they inlay into every project.

Blueprint Ldn.

Moving forward. Building things.

New branding for BluePrint LDN. A brand new event taking place alongside Big Data LDN, focused on how to build a modern Cloud-Native architecture fit for today’s requirements. Blueprint LDN to become an essential visit for all those looking to design a technology stack to support and enable their Data Driven Transformation.

The visual language of this identity needed to echo some of the styling cues from Big Data Ldn, whilst still having standout. Emphasising the need that in order to design and build a future proof data ecosystem, you first need a comprehensive guide to what you are building – A blueprint.

Smart LDN.

London in our hands.

Brand identity for Smart Ldn. – a new event that brings together the ecosystem of senior leaders, working together on a vision of making London the world’s smartest city and hosting a collaborative and challenging forum that adds pace and precision to London’s transformation.


Joining the dots…

DataTalks is an inspirational conference & workshop event for senior data professionals who are shaping the future of data and its power to transform organisations and society.

Branding and Event to help them connect and communicate with each other, to get everyone to understand the bigger picture, to help them share knowledge and develop new ways of thinking. Success meant everyone coming together and joining the dots.

Pure London AW/19

Redefining Disruption

The UK’s number one leading fashion trade event that brings together the entire fashion supply chain, right the way from fibre through to finished ready to wear garments.

2019 is the year of disruption. It’s the year to challenge the status quo and navigate the new. With a bold approach and unapologetic creativity, this year, Pure London’s Festival of Fashion redefines disruption for the fashion community.   

World Retail Congress

Where Ideas go Global

The World Retail Congress brings together the leaders of today’s global retail industry – from domestic and international powerhouses to game-changing start-ups and disruptors. They are united in their focus on understanding and serving today’s consumers, and ensuring that their businesses change and innovate at the break neck speed necessary to survive and thrive. The Congress provides an unrivalled high-level forum for senior retailers to learn, share insight, form powerful connections and shape the retail future.

We were asked to help rejuvenate the brand. To help shake off a preceived image of an ‘Old Boys Club’ with connotations of elitism and tradition. To move to a position more in line with modern ideals of accessibility, transparency, honesty and progression.


The UK’s most valuable garden and outdoor living trade show

Offering thousands of the newest and most inspirational garden retail products, Glee is the prefect
platform to launch new products and ideas, increase brand awareness, nuture existing relationships
and grow new ones. We were challenged to develop a brand that showcased the event and connected
with both exhibitors and visitors.

Big Data Ldn

Join the Data Revolution.

Business and society are being disrupted by the process of Digital Transformation, whereby traditional industries find their business models and corporate cultures threatened by revolutionary ideas and techniques pioneered by the technology giants of Silicon Valley. As a result, the effective use of data is now a top priority in business, with data becoming the new currency IT and business leaders are hungry for insights; they want to learn from the internet giants and from data pioneers in traditional organisations. There’s no substitute for learning from peers and from experts in person but there was no open access, democratic event in this space in the UK. Big Data Ldn. was launched to answer this need.

We were asked to create an identity, credibility and a visual shorthand that the target audience of
potential speakers, sponsors and delegates would readily understand and engage with.